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Groupage transport

We offer groupage transport in Poland and abroad. We organize professional transport of small goods, which is transported in one vehicle, which allows for minimizing costs as much as possible. It is a perfect solution for online shops and smaller companies.

Groupage transport usually covers cargo of different dimensions and properties, which are dispatched by many customers at the same time. In order to coordinate all activities, we use the services of our forwarding agents. We consolidate all goods and send them within a single course. Such a solution is mainly related to the reduction of expenses related to storage or transport, as the costs of the whole operation are divided into individual shippers.


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We have many years of experience in road transport throughout Europe, thanks to which we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

We have a modern and reliable fleet, mainly TIR trucks with tarpaulin trailers.

Our offer includes a full range of transport, logistics and forwarding services, as well as rental of vehicles on favorable terms.

Our drivers are only experienced professionals with many years of experience - you can trust us!

We constantly care for the condition of our vehicles so that they are always reliable and safe, thus ensuring timeliness and the highest quality of services.

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